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Counter's Founder

David Adam Black-Charlebois

With more than 6 Years of experience working face to face with clients within the Telecommunications Industry. He is a tried and true agent of the client.
Expertise ranges from the prolific products that scope the Mobility aspect to the technologies that cover how you are browsing the web. His pride falls within not only excelling in delivering an unparallel and uncontested level of service but the product knowledge to match. 
What this means in a nutshell is...….. If you have a situation in which no solution has a possibility, look no further than this Founder.

Record of Employment 


Rogers Communications Inc.

Bell Canada Enterprises Inc

Bell Manager : Brendan

David's work ethic is like no other. He was the pinnacle Bell employee who constantly went above and beyond for his customers. He always delivered every customer interaction with an amazing experience and you can check the Google reviews at Bell yorkdale and see for yourself!

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