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Counter: Act

Cross Shopping between providers can sure feel like this.....

Luckily we take the stress out for you. See how it works   


Simply put ................ Bringing Excitement back to Telecom 

Tell us what price and products you need and want

  • No Cross Shopping Required

  • Multiple offers with only one click 

  • Vetted agents from all brands and brought straight to you  

Meet agents that define Service Excellence
Hand-Selected  by the way  ; )

  • Streamlined Process

  • Only speak with 1 agent

  • No Telephone Tag / Broken Telephone

  • No Marketing annoyance. Only hear from an agent when your offer is obtainable

Obtain the best price and value 

    Where you save with Counter:

  • Gas to travel ​

  • Time waiting on hold 

  • Patience dealing with unknowledgeable agents

  • Billing, One agent, Less Issues

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