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Excitement though Change

They say it is always easier when you know how. So let us show you how it is done

"The things we know the best are the things we haven't been taught"


We are your go-to for anything Telecom!

Be it:

  • Contract Renewals

  • Billing Assestments

  • Renegotiations

  • Products & Service Learning Classes

  • Acquiring & Locating solutions that fit your needs


What we do 

At Counter we have 3 core values

Firstly and simply put, provide correct and insightful knowledge to everyone on learning Telecom Products.​


Cellphone, Tablet, Hotspots/ Car Data


Computers, Network Devices, Modems, Printers

​Internet of Things: 

Smart Watches, Smart Fridge, Smart Home Security​
Next, enable continued growth of that information for greater enhancement through a knowledge platform.


Lastly provide a ecosystem where independence can ensue. The power to harness the best sales representatives and tap into the right and correct offers every single time. 

Core Values

Counter : Expert

In-Person or Online consultation to Review, Analyze, Execute and Deliver your desired needs and wants for Consumer Telecom Products

Counter : Flow 

Learn the basics of cellphones and get real-world experiences and applications. Our cellphone lessons will teach you the ins and outs of telecom products, giving you the knowledge to gain full confidence in your device. No prior experience is necessary and you will find yourself mastering your device with ease.

Counter : Act 

We take the reluctance of finding the best sales reps and we bring then right to you, instead of the other way round. The best are allocated from all services providers on Ontario and across Canada

Counter : Feat

With Counter Feat we provide a platform that enables the learning of all products as well as the service that encompasses each and every one of those products.

Coming Soon
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